Audio Visual Playground for Children

Explore the 9 Interactive Worlds of Sleep Bug Kids! This must-have sanity saver keeps little ones happy, even while on the go! Each scene includes vibrant colours, unique characters and familiar themes that children absolutely love. Sleep Bug Kids offers a safe, kid-friendly virtual environment complete with playful audio effects.

Any time your little one needs entertainment, Sleep Bug Kids will be ready to go! Brilliant colours and shapes stimulate the senses along with matching sound effects.


Kid-Friendly Scenes for Any Occasion

A Visit to the Farm

Let children enjoy some good old home style fun on a virtual farm! This vibrant scene features their favourite barnyard animals, including the cow, horse, pig, duck, dog, chicken and bird. There's even a charming sun and traditional windmill.

Let's Go Under the Sea

It doesn't have to be summer time to enjoy the sun and surf! Out underwater scene takes children on an adventure beneath the waves! Swim along with a crocodile, ship, whale, piranha, bluefish, clown fish (like Nemo!), starfish, coral reef, shark, lilfish, shipwreck and floating bubbles.

Lets Play In the Snow

Our winter scene in the perfect choise for the cold season, especially Christmas time! Let your child explore the change of the season with sparkling stars, wind, snowy footsteps, jingling bell, hooting owl, trees, playful elves.

Explore the Big City

The buslling city scene includes many iconic shapes and features. Interact with the bus stop, ambulance, fire truck car, police car, city trees, rain, airplane, bus and whirring helicopter.

Sweet Dreams in Lullaby Land

Help little ones get into the routine of bedtime with our peaceful lullaby scene! This sleepy world includes a boy, book, glowing sticks, stars, cube toy, train, music box, bear, lamp, turtle toy and the beloved monster under the bed.

Fun at the Fair

Everyone loves the fair! Children will have a great time wandering the virtual fair with our fun fair scene! This playful world includes a Ferris wheel, clown, slot mashine, horses, rollercoaster, haunted house, ducks and popcorn machine.

Handing Out at the Candy Store

What kid doesn't love to browse the candy store? Our candy store scene includes lamp, bear, candy seller and tasty treats like gum, donut, chocolate gummy bear, lollipops and a box of candy that won't harm your child's sweet tooth.

A Trip to the Zoo

Your child doesn't have to leave home to enjoy the sights and sounds of the zoo! Our zoo scene has all of this or her favourite animals covered. Let your child wander through a virtual world complete with camel, monkey, tiger, lion, bear, elephant, crocodile, giraffe, snake and tropical palm tree.

Fun Right at Home

You don't have to travel far to have fun! Our home scene shows children that there's much to do without leaving the house. This beautiful world includes a TV, cat, girl, vacuum cleaner, hairdryer, clock, fan and washing machine.